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Can Compactor

Most waste hauling companies charge their clients by the size of their dumpster and the number of trips they make per week to empty it. Being able to cut back--either on dumpster size or scheduled trips--can decrease your business's waste management costs significantly. One excellent way of doing this is by compacting waste products like cans that unnecessarily take up a lot of space.

The average high volume kitchen in a restaurant, school, government facility, office complex or elsewhere opens and discards a lot of cans. These cans take up huge amounts of space that are pretty much wasted. Using a can compactor can save you as much as a third of the space, which means you will have room for as many as three times the cans!

Bee Cool Manufacturing has come up with a great way for you to add a compactor to your workplace. The Little Squeeze can compactor is a heavy-duty compactor that is incredibly small (3 feet by 1.5 feet) and portable. Weighing just over 100 pounds, this crusher has a four-ton compacting capacity and sits easily on a table top. We are even working on a wall mount fixture to allow you to keep it in one place while having it out of your way when you don't need it.

The Little Squeeze is easy to set up and operate, and remarkably affordable. It also crushes cans in seconds! It is our hope that everyone who wants one should be able to afford this common-sense device, so we have worked very hard to build a quality machine at a very low price. For more information about the Little Squeeze, you can visit our website at


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