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Electric Can Crusher

Many businesses use a can crusher on their premises to lower their waste management bills and allow for easier recycling. The problem is that many of these crushers rely on mechanical force to work. In other words, they require the user's strength to crush the cans--which only gets you so far.

At Bee Cool Manufacturing, we have created the Little Squeeze electric can crusher. And unlike many of the electric can crushers on the market today, the Little Squeeze is small enough to be portable (about 3 x 1.5 feet), but has four-ton crushing power! This crusher is ideal for many industrial uses.

Auto body shops and auto service stations, restaurants, painting contractors, and schools with high-volume kitchens and cafeterias will all see immediate benefits from adding a crusher to their tool supplies. There will be an immediate reduction in waste costs, since you'll find your trash takes up less space--and some places will even find themselves making money on the deal. By crushing your cans, you make it easier to separate them out. Once they are separated, it's easy to take them to a local recycling center or scrap metal buyer yourself, both cutting costs further on waste management (especially if you pay by weight as well as by volume) and making back more money on top of the savings. You will also find that recyclers are more likely to take cans if they are crushed. That alleviates the worry that there is anything left in the can, as well as saving space.

For more information on how the Little Squeeze works, including a video demonstration, please visit From there, you can read all of the literature about how easy to purchase, install, and use this powerful and convenient crusher really is. At $1,500, this is by far the best electric can crusher on the market, and for the best price, as well.

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