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Recycle Cans


Garbage isn't something most Americans want to think about every day. Still, the ways we manage the nearly 230 million tons of it that are generated each year has huge implications for everyone. While America is making gains in the effort to reduce the amount of waste produced each year and to improve the way we deal with garbage, there is still work to do. And every American can help--starting with recycling.

Many towns and cities have residential recycling programs that allow us to have our recyclables picked up the same way as we have our trash taken away. But for businesses, very few municipalities have made recycling arrangements. Since most businesses are responsible for paying for their own waste removal, recycling then becomes an expense that may be too high for them to consider realistically. Any way of making recycling easier and more cost effective is a good thing. The price of getting rid of waste is going up, and all indicators would have us believe that this will continue. Since space is at a premium, making your solid waste take up less space will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the coming years.

The Little Squeeze is a can crusher that is perfect for businesses that want to recycle. By crushing the steel and aluminum cans in your restaurant, school kitchen, auto body shop, or workplace, you can make recycling much easier. Once the cans are crushed, simply toss them into a regular garbage can.

When the can gets full, contact your local recycling center to have them picked up. Or, you can bring them yourself to the center or your local scrap yard--where you may find that your crushed cans are worth some money! Either way, you'll be helping the environment and making a positive impact on your company's bottom line. We encourage you to visit us at for more information.

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