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Recycling Equipment


Recycling helps our environment by slowing down the rate at which we have to burn garbage or put it in landfills. Disposing of your garbage is becoming much more expensive, as Americans are producing more solid waste, landfills are filling up, and recycling programs are trying their best to keep up with the increase in waste generated per capita each year. Between the cost of renting dumpsters, the cost of having your garbage hauled, and increased taxes to deal with solid waste management, you'll start to see the importance of every square inch of space, as well as that of quality recycling equipment. Recycling paper, plastic, aluminum, and steel helps to preserve our natural resources, saves a lot of space, and ultimately saves you money.

To that end, Bee Cool Manufacturing has created the Little Squeeze. A tabletop can crusher with enough power to compact a five-gallon aluminum paint bucket, the Little Squeeze is ideal for many small businesses that want to make a commitment to recycling--or simply save money on garbage fees. Auto body shops, painting contractors, public facilities, and restaurants are all places where the Little Squeeze can make a big difference.

For a comprehensive look at the Little Squeeze, you can browse You can check out pictures, read specs, and even see a video of the Little Squeeze in action. You'll see--the hydraulic ram is powerful enough to crush most cans you'll use in any workplace, and yet the whole unit can store in an area smaller than a filing cabinet drawer.

Best of all, besides helping the environment, recycling with the Little Squeeze can minimize your waste management bills. When you maximize the use of space in your dumpsters and trash cans, your garbage pickups will be less frequent--saving you a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, if you are able to bring your smaller and more easily portable crushed cans to a recycling center, you can even make money back on those cans immediately--a win-win proposition!


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