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Soda Can Crusher

At home, crushing soda cans is probably not a major concern. Even if you go through a case or two a week, you can manage simply by stepping on them if need be. But, if you work in a high-volume food service establishment, clearly you need something more efficient and reliable. Imagine the cafeteria in a typical high school--clearly there are a huge number of cans every day that need to be crushed!

You may wonder why it is useful to bother crushing soda cans in such an environment. The fact is, most state and federal institutions (including public schools) are required to pay for their waste haulage and recycling. You'll soon see that every square inch counts, as your waste removal bills escalate into the hundreds of dollars per month--or even per week! So, finding a way to keep from having the recycling company make so many trips can greatly reduce costs, saving a lot of money over time.

To put it another way: if crushing a soda can eliminate two-thirds of its size, then you can fit three cans in the space where only one fit before. This means that if your facility were to fill a dumpster every day with uncrushed cans, you will now fill the same dumpster only once every three days. If you are paying for your waste removal by trip, this means you cut your bills by two-thirds!.

The Little Squeeze is a small, portable crusher that is perfect for this type of application. Because it is made with cost effectiveness in mind, it retails for only a fraction of the cost of larger models, but still has the power to crush as much as four tons, and can do so in seconds. For a demonstration of our compactor as well as specifications and ordering information, please visit us online at We're sure you'll find that our crusher can save you space and money!


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